Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

For thousands of years, pregnant people have been seeking out support from others who are nurturing and knowledgable,  especially during the most powerful and significant time of our lives: Birth.  We surround ourselves with others during labour and birth - allowing them to "mother" us.

Research has shed some light on this instinctual behaviour.   Dr.'s John Kennell (pediatrician) and Marshall Klaus (neonatologist) found that by "introducing a doula into the labour room not only improved the bond between parent and infant, but also seemed to decrease the incidence of complications."  They also state "Women's satisfaction with their birth experiences and even their self-esteem appears to improve when a doula has assisted them through childbirth". 


Having a professional doula present at a person's birth, no matter where or how they give birth, will leave them and their family feeling supported, listened to, cared for, powerful and safe.

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